Funeral / Memorials

“In the midst of Life we are in death”

So perhaps we should embrace the concept, and in doing so, create a Funeral or Memorial Ceremony for our loved ones that do more than simply acknowledge the passing, but actually reflect in a meaningful way, what that person meant to those connected to them.

60° North Celebrant Services can assist families to create Funeral or Memorial Ceremonies which can be Traditional (i.e.. including any Hymns, Readings, and Prayers that you’d like); or Modern (which can include poetry, prose, music, and performance of any type).

Elements for Funerals can be as Traditional as the various funerals that we have all attended in the past; or they can be as unique as the person whose life we are celebrating as we say our goodbyes.

Traditional include elements such as: –

  • Flowers
  • Candles
  • Readings
  • Prayers
  • Hymns

Or how about a more modern touch: –

  • A Memory Table
  • A Memorial stone station
  • Grow a Memory Tree
  • Grow a Wind Chime
  • Photo display with Balloons
  • Offer their favourite food, sweets, or drinks
  • Sow Seeds of Love (forget-me-nots?)

The list is only limited by our imaginations (and within the law)!

Memorial Ceremonies can take many forms – again, it is up to the family to create with me, a Ceremony that they think their loved one would be happy to attend themselves!!

The Elements involved can be similar to those already mentioned amongst the Funeral element section; or perhaps others could be added, such as: –

  • Memory pins
  • Memory Book
  • (or if outside) a Memorial Tree
  • Hand out ‘pocket charms’
  • Create a Social Memorial Webpage


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