Then one day, a decision is made that a Wedding should take place!!

Wherever you choose, and with a format of your choice, I can create a Ceremony which brings the two of you together, announces your promises to the assembled company, and includes as many people, or as few as you’d like, to help you mark the occasion.

Please Note:

In Scotland, a Notice of Intention to Marry (Form M10) must be submitted to the local Registrar, at least one month before the date of the scheduled event. 

You can find out more information on what you need to do to get married in Scotland on the Government website.

As the Celebrations have similar origins, some of the Elements couples (might and do) choose for their Engagements Ceremonies are equally as relevant for Weddings.¬† Some are repeated again here, but you are sure to have ideas of your own, so just let me know, and we’ll see what can be incorporated.

Elements such as: –

  • Candles
  • Sand
  • Ribbons, Cord
  • Parchment signing
  • Rose Ceremony
  • Wishing Box
  • Wine Box
  • Baby Welcome

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